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Implementing Path Control Using Policy-Based Routing. Chapter 4 describes route maps and how you can use them for route filtering. This section describes another use for route maps, with PBR. PBR enables the administrator to define a routing policy other than basic destination-based routing using the routing … Policy Based Routing (PBR) Introduction | SonicWall Policy Based Routing (PBR) Introduction. 03/26/2020 469 13973. DESCRIPTION: Policy Based Routing (PBR) Introduction. RESOLUTION: A simple static routing entry specifies how to handle traffic that matches specific criteria, such as destination address, destination mask, gateway to forward traffic, the interface that gateway is located, and the route metric. SD-WAN policy routing - Sophos

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PBR: Route a packet based on source IP address – CiscoZine Apr 23, 2013 Example for Configuring Traffic Policies to Implement May 28, 2020

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Policy based routing (PBR routing) offers the possibility to forward traffic based on defined criteria without verifying the IP routing table. The constructed policy is applied to interface. Every packet coming on this interface is verified against the policy and only traffic conforming (matching) the rule is subject to policy … How To Configure Policy Based Routing