It will temporarily disable the account for 30 days and after that, the account will be removed permanently. During these 30 days, the user can try to login again to get the account back. Deleting Snapchat Account through a Web Browser. In this method, the user needs to go to the Snapchat official website to delete their account.

Using Snapchat photos can lead to awkward situations, so many users decide they want to delete their Snapchat account for good. Snapchat makes it easy to deactivate your account, and after 30 days of deactivation without logging in, the company will remove your account permanently. Snapchat: Users who want to delete their Snapchat account have to first deactivate their account for 30 days, once those 30 days are up the account will be permanently deleted. Jun 08, 2020 · Then, proceed to tap on “Account Information.” Finally, click “Delete My Account.” Enter the Username and password for the account you wish to delete; Click “Delete” Deleting your Snapchat account permanently. Snapchat offers you a thirty-day window period to determine whether you want to delete your account or retrieve it permanently. How to Delete Snapchat Account. Snapchat collects a wide range of data on its users. You might want to consider deleting your Snapchat account due to these privacy issues. If you are considering deleting your Snapchat account, you aren’t alone. Here’s how you can delete Snapchat Dec 15, 2019 · Open in a browser. Scroll all the way down and click (or tap) on Support in the Community section. Select My Account & Security. Click on Account Security. Choose Delete My Account and then follow the instructions from the page. Bear in mind that after you delete your account, it won’t be permanently deleted right away.

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How to delete Snapchat: Whatever your reason for chucking in the towel, the good news is that deleting a Snapchat account is really easy. To delete your Snapchat account, you first have to log into your account on a computer. It'll take 30 days for your account to be permanently deleted.

How to Deactivate Snapchat Account in 2020. Following the steps for deleting your account will deactivate your account for 30 days. Log back in within those 30 days to reactivate your Snapchat

How to delete & deactivate your Snapchat Account - Step by 2020-7-1 · The alternative, albeit more cumbersome solution is to navigate directly into the support area through the Snapchat homepage or the app settings (gear symbol in your profile). Then click on “Account details” under the menu item “My Account & Security” and then on “Delete My Account.” There you will again find all important information on deactivating and/or deleting your Snapchat Sep 24, 2018 · Go to Snapchat's account portal ( This page can also be accessed by going to, scrolling to the bottom of the page and selecting Jul 18, 2020 · How to Delete SnapChat Account from Mobile App Step 1 – Open SnapChat app on Mobile Step 2 – Click on Profile photo at left upper corner Step 3 – Click on “Settings” icon at right upper corner Log In • Snapchat