Unix System Port Forwarding: Port forwarding can be accomplished with Unix systems however the port can only be accessed by the root administrator. This is a less common method of port forwarding due to the fact that using a root administrator poses risks to the system because the users will often take a detour to a higher port number to gain

Jan 16, 2019 Archer C7 port forwarding does not work - TP-Link SOHO Jul 18, 2013 ssh tunnel - How does ssh port forwarding work exactly Therefor: Port forwarding router:22 -> local:22 (and router as gateway for local) . Works perfectly fine. If I try to create a ssh tunnel from remote to local as follows: ssh -L 1234:R:12345 user@R this will only work if I also redirect router:1234 -> local:1234. My understanding was, that ssh …

Jan 12, 2015

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