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Please make sure that the first and second router are on different subnets (networks), for example the first router should be and second router should be You shouldn’t have 2 routers running on the same subnet because of IP conflicts. Dual-router setup w/ a dedicated VPN Router: A step-by Oct 25, 2017 2 routers + 1 modem = 2 wireless networks Help Sep 18, 2010 Can I connect two Wireless Routers to one Cable Modem?

How do we use two routers with one modem? We want a second, separate router in a detached garage/ADU building, 50 feet from our house. It is connected by ethernet cable through 2 D-Link switches to our modem. We have a Surfboard 6183 modem, a Netgear router in use in our home, and a Linksys router I'd like to add.

It came with an installation disc, which you should use to connect to the modem through the USB. Now if you do not have a router, but have a similar modem to the one shown, you can connect two computers off the one broadband modem and thus both accessing the internet. One computer can connect through the USB port and the other through the Ethernet.

Position a Second Router. When you set up a new router, place it near a Windows PC or another …

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